“We were born surrounded by shoes in Porto Sant’Elpidio, where everything is permeated with culture and tradition in the production of footwear, worn in all corners of the world. Over the years, we have accompanied the growth of the company by developing technologies and being at the forefront of commercial exposure, and this is where the ÊTRE brand was born “


The ÊTRE collections are evidence of our way of conceiving work, a perfect combination of tradition and development, of history and future.
A rich heritage of discovery: the way we make our boots, sandals, décolleté and sneakers.


“Contemporarily feminine and always at ease”

This is what we idealize when we think of the woman who will wear ÊTRE footwear.
A woman who wants to be, and not to appear. A woman who works and has fun with ease, attentive to the environment and the world around her.
When we create our prototypes, we constantly align the materials with the shapes, with the innovative and eco-sustainable production techniques, so that our collections are consistent with what our consumer seeks from us and is not able to find from others.
The result is an uncompromising and balanced product, when worn it expresses personality and character without showing; it seduces without imposing.

The idea is to focus on allowing the quality of the product to speak for itself.

Using the highest-quality materials and an unprecedented emphasis on design and know-how, ÊTRE creates culturally distinctive pieces that push the boundaries of what is possible in the market of beautiful and well-made shoes.

Each design aspect combines the ornamental with the functional, the aesthetic with the constructive without ever abandoning the idea we have of respect for well-being and for the environment.

Our GREEN PROJECT is constantly looking for materials and finishes that respect the environment, the person and therefore the well-being of those who wear our shoes.

In the selection of materials, we are careful to use partners who have our same Green and eco-sustainable vision.

Because ÊTRE is BEING in step with the times, looking to the future.


ÊTRE shoes embrace the concept of Made in Italy as a value.
Each model we design has been created with care by the expert hands of our master craftsmen, for over fifty years.

We are constantly looking for new materials of the highest quality.

The creativity of each shoe takes shape by persevering the craftsmanship and unmistakable Italian taste, thus creating collections with timeless appeal, realizing designs that look to the future and make the ÊTRE shoe a product of Italian excellence.











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